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Medical tourism

Treatment of foreign citizens in Orenburg in advanced ophthalmological clinic. We are always ready to provide necessary medical assistance!

With us you get comprehensive service for support and organization of diagnostics and treatment. Our clinic has powerful technical and human resources, which provides patients with advanced treatment methods.

Orenburg branch of the S.Fyodorov Eye Surgery Federal State Institution of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation started in 1989. Academician Svyatoslav Fyodorov was the one who chose Orenburg to establish one of the branches of his Eye Surgery Institution here. Today our clinic is among leading and state of the art equipped ophthalmological institutions in the Russian Federation to provide eye surgery and vision correction for a variety of eye diseases and conditions.

Our treatment options:

We offer:

Every year, about 26,000 patients trust us with their vision, 3,000 of them are foreign citizens.


17 Salmyshskaya str., Orenburg, 460047

8 (3532) 38-80-30