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Diabetes Complications

Diabetes mellitus — is the most common and serious disease in the world. Without proper treatment of diabetes, the risk factor for the development of retinopathy and intraocular hemorrhages increases. The longer you neglect diabetes, the higher the probability of developing eye complications is.

Ophthalmologic complications of diabetes

Intraocular hemorrhages are characterized by either complete or partial loss of vision, the occurrence of a characteristic red background in the eye, as well as visible moving opacities. Hemorrhages can be attributed to acute and most serious ocular manifestations of diabetes.

Diabetic retinopathy begins to manifest itself with individual hemorrhages, developing to rhexes and retinal detachment, leading to blindness. In this case, the main danger lies in the fact that the disease can be asymptomatic. At the same time, the threat of vision loss is on the rise. Therefore, if the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, it is necessary to check the condition of the eyes as soon as possible.

Diabetic macular edema is another serious complication that can develop both acutely and long-term chronically. Macular edema is manifested primarily by the appearance of the central visual defects in the patient: permanently present central dark spots, curvature of lines, change in the perception of the same object with left and right eyes. If such complaints appear, it is necessary to urgently and quickly contact an ophthalmologist, and optimally, visit specialized clinic, in which there should be laser and vitreoretinal surgeons.

Treatment of eye complications in diabetes

Every patient with diabetes mellitus, especially type II, should be acutely aware that his medical supervision should include an ophthalmologist's examination at least every six months, even in the absence of any complaints. After all, the sooner expert care is received, the lower is the risk of developing irreversible, disastrous for the patient's eye complications. At the same time, the «gold» standard of treatment for early ocular complications of diabetes mellitus is laser coagulation of the retina, which should be performed at early stages of diabetes mellitus.

Laser coagulation of the retina is modern, highly effective method of treating various pathologies of the retina (peripheral dystrophies and retinal breaks, retinochism, etc.) with laser that attaches retina to the underlying choroid. Intervention is performed without disturbing the integrity of the eye.

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